Robot Framework Bootcamp

Let Robot Framework founder and lead developer Pekka Klärck show you how to automate your first test from scratch!

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Speed date with Robot Framework

Tune in for this basic bootcamp to get started with Robot Framework. Founder and lead developer Pekka Klärck will be here to lead your way!

Learn what Robot Framework is, how it works and how you can get started. Become a part of the Robot Framework Community today!


  • 34 Minutes of Videomaterial with Pekka
  • Hands on Demo on How to Get Started With Creating Your Own Automated Test
  • Possibility to Ask Questions Via the Comment Section
  • 1 Year Access to the Robot Framework -Course materials, return to the videos whenever needed!
  • BONUS 🎁 1 Year Subscription to Weekly Beyond Testing Trainings (59,88€)
  • BONUS 🎁 Storytools of Testing audiobook (30€)
  • 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ✅ Let us know if this wasn't for you and get a refund. No questions asked.
Buy Course 120€

Pekka Klärck

Robot Framework started out as Pekka's Master's Thesis project at the Helsinki University of Technology. Today, Pekka works as the lead developer for the Robot Framework Foundation.

At Testguru Academy Pekka shows you how to get started with Robot Framework. Get ready to create your first automated test from scratch with the help of the founder himself!

Choose open source and Community. Choose Robot Framework!

Buy Course 120€