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7 Step Checklist for Impactful Software Testing

Jun 26, 2023

What drives success in software testing projects? Save your time and grab this checklist to level up the real impact your work has.

1. Result = Begin with the end in mind. The desired outcome effects what is the optimal type of testing to do.

2. Time management = When you are asked how much time will the testing take, turn the question around. How much time do I have for testing?

3. Background details = Because we can't guess what is important for others, we need to gather enough background information to be sure we have all we need to do meaningful testing.

4. Time boxing = What parts make up the testing process? What results are we looking for and how much time there is to use? Divide the process into steps that are meaningful and fit into the calendar.

5. Snapshot = When someone asks how is the testing going, you should be able to give a detailed and informing answer at any time. When you have done the planning and time boxing well and keep tracking your work with a journal, it should be easy to continuously have a clear picture where you're at.

6. Business card = The bug report is a tester's best business card. Put your best efforts in them, because they will represent you even in situations where you are not present.

7. Serving = Serve your results in a way that will make someone feel like they are ready to make a change based on your results. Our results are literally useless if nobody is willing to change their thinking or actions based on them.