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Subscribe to our weekly Beyond Testing Trainings by Antti "Ice King" Niittyviita and Finland's tester of the year Jani Haikala or enhance your learning experience by choosing a specific online course. All our online courses include the Beyond Testing Subscription for 1 year.

Weekly Beyond Testing Trainings

subscription 4,99/month

This subscription gives you access to weekly mini trainings by Antti "Ice King" Niittyviita and Finland's tester of the year Jani Haikala. Each training focuses on a hot topic in testing!

Join Beyond Testing Trainings at Testguru Academy and get yourself weekly inspiration, ideas and that boost you need to keep pushing.


Security Testing 101

online course 389€

Join testguru Pasi Keski-Korsu to learn the basics of web application security testing! The course covers OWASP Top 10 threats with the help of a demo.

Although the Security Testing 101 -course is intended from a security tester to another, we will be going through security concepts that should be familiar to everyone working with web / mobile applications and APIs. 

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Robot Framework Bootcamp

online course 120€

Let Robot Framework creator & lead developer Pekka Klärck get you started with creating your own automated test from scratch in 30 minutes.

Learn the basic components and features of the framework and dive into a testing demo to see Robot Framework in action. This is Robot Framework Bootcamp!

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The Bughunter's Blueprint

online course 389€

The ultimate testing course with Antti "Ice King" Niittyviita is coming soon to Testguru Academy!

The Bughunter's blueprint teaches you how to not only handle pressure but shine under pressure as a testing professional. Take ownership over your work and never let another report go unaddressed!

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Testguru Summit 2024

Yearly event 279€ (online) 790€ (in person)

Our one day, live streamed program is designed to be an unforgettable and transformative experience.

With guided pre-session exercises, live discussions, and tailored support, you’ll leave this event aligned and ready to embrace your best in software testing.

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Our training courses in Finnish

at testauskoulutus.com

In case you speak Finnish, you can go back to where it all started and watch our materials in our testgurus' native language! See you at testauskoulutus.com.